4Feet 2 Inches Disha to National Championship

I proudly like to share the success story of Disha Pandya, a National para-athlete Badminton player. As we know quite well that the road to achievement always totes with battle developing an inner mindset to never give up. This obviously matches with Disha.

Born by a dwarf household with 4 Feet 2 inches height has been rejected continuously for many chances for being a dwarf. As a young kid, her passion for extracurricular activities was always criticized because of her physical handicap. She always said that her home was the best place where she felt comfortable.

She said, “My passion and robust determination will be equivalent to the fully grown body folks even though I could not match with the time frame for my dance measures, footsteps while conducting”. 

Para athlete Disha pandya

She failed in her examinations in 2003 during her undergraduate. This shattered her as she could not meet the dreams of her parents. But she did not give up. She opted for graphic designing as her career and worked hard. She was eventually capable of getting her first job as a DTP operator after being refused through 17 interviews because of her physical handicap. Lastly, she became the creative director of Shajanand Life Science.

As being a judgemental person from her childhood she shared with a beautiful story where she’d a decision from Vision contested Pooja in a hospital for registering herself as a person. Pooja with no hesitation remarked Disha to be an individual with not losing any human body part. This evident vision of pooja boosted energy in Disha. She bagged a Silver medal in BWF World Championship 2019 and coaching to the next Para-Badminton match at Tokyo 2020.

In 2017, during a railway journey completing her 10 decades of professional experience, she met Mark Dharmai who encouraged her for Para athletic sports. This went on for a year succeeding as National para athletic Badminton player. 

Wishing her athletes a fantastic success making India a Proud Nation having such talent here.

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