Chandrayaan2 to Gaganyaan

In this blog, I’d want to share the life journey of Dr.Kailasavadivoo Sivan, ISRO Chairman that is among the most inspiring stories searched on the internet. Sivan was born on Apr 14, 1957, at Kailasa Vadivoo and Chellam near Nagercoil, Kanyakumari district. His youth was full of hardship. His commitment, passion, and robust determination for science made him to be the first graduate from his family. He worked as the Director of ISRO’s LPSC, VSC between 2014-17. He succeeded S Kiran Kumar and became the ninth head of ISRO in January 2018. The two assignments Chandrayaan 2 and GSLV MK 111 were taken him up. 

The historical event Chandrayaan 2 moon mission that became speak and also a spotlight of the entire world was launched on July 22, 2019. The entire mission was completed under his leadership. The Vikram Lander was separated from the orbiter on Sep 2, 2019. On Sep 6, 2019, because of collapse in landing, the communication with the lander was lost. Despite this, the mission was close to 98% success in collecting the information from the moon. This was confirmed on Sep 27, 2019, when NASA had published high-resolution pictures of the path. His motivational speech during his visit for the 8th convocation in IIT Bhuvaneshwar from September 21, 2019, was inspirational. 

K Sivan

He remembered the ideas and contributions of Dr. Kalam and Edison for the enhancement of Science and Technology despite tasting failures on their way to victory. He added that nothing else can be achieved without taking any opportunity. Speaking about the unresolved problems like poverty, sanitation, appetite, and health, he called upon all the IITians to extend their warm support to address the difficulties. He declared about ISRO’s next target Gaganyaan will send the first Indian from our rocket by December 2021. The unmanned aircraft to space will likely be sent by December 2020 and the second followed by July 2021. Saluting and wishing his team a fantastic victory in the future for the improvement of India.  

Jai Hind!. 

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