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Find Inspiration FROM Within

The word “Inspiration” is the energy booster of our life. It empowers the ordinary people to genius and vice versa turns down the geniuses to ordinary people.It is a vital ingredient. If we are inspired a huge mountain also seems to be a simple task to climb over but if uninspired even a small rock will seem to be a huge mountain to climb over.

To put it easily, “One is never lost in life if he/she holds the passion but on the other side if he/she gives up passion then they are completely lost in life”. This passion for success and failures makes a huge difference.
As Jesus said, “Be either cold or hot but if you are lukewarm, I will spit you out”.

Inspiration is not born with us which is one of the main keys to success. This is developed with the circumstances around us. 


self confidence

Self-confidence is one of the most important key factors in our lives. People who lack self-confidence find it difficult to become successful and who build this self-confidence success follows them eventually.
This is a strong belief for his/her ability, strength to achieve his/her dreams. This positive belief is a result of the passion for the dreams to be aimed. Generally, people consider self-esteem and self-confidence to be the same. Self-esteem calculates one’s worth whereas self-confidence is one’s ability to accomplish the goal aimed at.
One should always remember that whatever task we take up with confidence should be with passion and not aspiring at success. This combined effort will always succeed. Being overconfident will always put you down as generally, people consider this to be confidence.
To put it one word “Even great heights of success, fame achieved with no passion and devotion is no worth compared to the small success met with passion,devotion, and self-confidence.”

Key to success

“Passion”, “Patience” and “Perseverance ” are the keys to success. They make an unbeatable combination for success.
Now we will understand how the three words become the success factors. Perseverance is the ability to continue no matter how many times we fall. Passion is a strong desire and determination to succeed. Patience is the quality of being patient. These three are so dependant on each other that even one is missed then success achieved is useless.
To achieve any goal we need to have passion and to overcome the failures we come across perseverance is needed. This entire process to fulfill our dreams a lot of patience is required which many of them give up for the fear of failures.
So, remember we have to always set our minds to accomplish all the three qualities till the end of our journey to success.

handling success

Successful people have something to lose whereas unsuccessful people have everything to gain. Success sets expectations, accountability. In many ways, success will not be much fun compared to the struggle in failures.
Once success knocks on our door we need to stay calm and put an effort to hold this without losing its originality. Always remember to focus on the reasons for the failures before you achieved this success ignoring the other comforts of success.
The success you gained involved a lot of your hard work and support from your family, friends, audience when you tasted your failure. Now that your success is filled with positive energy and confidence, try sharing these experiences of positivity motivating them to go on.

accept failures

Each person have their own definitions for “Success” and “Failures”. Failures are always inevitable wheres as success is expected. 

The experiences gained through these failures will motivate you to know more about yourself. This will make us, even more, stronger to accept them, work on the loopholes for the failures. It prepares you for the next challenge. It is our self-decision to either accept these failures to become strong or give up with fear wounding ourselves.

Always remember “Failures are the best lessons to review your strengths and weakness to make you strong”.Never get discouraged instead use these experiences to learn, progress to become the expert with a constant learning process.

As someone said the bitter taste of the neem at the very beginning becomes sweeter to taste when taken continuously. In the same way, any piece of rock can be transformed into a beautiful sculpture after getting hit many times.

 Thus , “The taste of bitterness of failures will turn into the taste of sweetness with success”.

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