Visionless is never a barrier for Success

Pranjal Patil, the country hotly contested IAS officer and former Assistant Collector of Ernakulam took charge as the sub-collector of Thiruvananthapuram on Oct 14,2019.

Pranjal hails from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. Her family consists of her parents, husband, and brother. She had a tough time to complete her studies through multiple software used to convert text into speech. As someone said one can succeed with strong support and faith from their own family members. Despite her UPSC rank of 773 in 2016, she was denied a post in Indian Railways. Her inner strength and confidence did not get affected by this but excelled in her next UPSC examination with a rank of 124 in 2017.

Pranjal Patil

She was appointed as the first visually challenged woman IAS officer in the Kerala cadre. Sam Cletus, deputy collector transferred the Charge and handed over to Pranjal. She reported that she was very happy and proud to take responsibility for the sub-collector and also expressed her desire to work for the welfare of the public. 

The officials in the Thiruvananthapuram collectorate were eager to welcome her who made it to the place despite losing her vision in childhood itself.

” I’ve got good support from Kerala. I began here as an assistant collector of Ernakulam in 2018. It had been a tough phase, but a fantastic learning experience”, stated Pranjal.

The principal secretary of Social Justice department Biju Prabhakar and District Collector, K. Gopalakrishnan, welcomed her on her joining as Sub collector and RDO. An official meeting was followed post this event to discuss the work organization and prioritization of documents between workers and Pranjal.

The top bureaucrat told me that the district had a conducive environment to serve the people. Chief Secretary Tom Jose recognized her when she expressed her interest in visiting the office of Chief Secretary.

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